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True Empower Network Insider Reveals Top-Secret Covert Operation Banking Instant Online Commissions!


A Personal Letter from The Empower Networker, Inside Ground Zero:

I don’t have much time left and I know you don’t have any to waste or lose…

I’ll make it short and sweet with a bit of simplicity lightly mixed in – try not to miss anything.

The truth is I know you have a problem, thus why I am alluding to the facts of my adventurous unknown escape into the wild internet-world..

While blindly uncovering a top-secret covert operation which generates and unlocks the secrets of the universe – dispelling any & all marketing myths of making money online.

Right here, right now – You and I must have a professional “heart-to-heart therapy discussion” about a universally sophisticated operation, one of unparalleled success and unprecedented growth, more than any other ‘scheme’ ever created.

Let’s do it – A video face-off challenging our darkest fears and painful doubts, unraveling the internet marketing plagues too many unwillingly and unknowingly surround themselves in for no reason!

I demand (I mean command) you to do it now, (haha)

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Prepare yourself to embark on a mystical journey into the depths of the online-world

Participating in a covert business operation has already empowered over 40,000 people just like you to literally bank crazy instant commissions time and time again.

Do that now, then we can continue at a pace where we both keep our peace.

Empower Network Review: Listen Carefully

Is the Empower Network System, Opportunity, and Products a legitimate, carefully crafted and complete internet marketing program? Or is Empower Network just another scam, hoax, fraud, here today gone tomorrow.

We will attempt to depict and convey a clear, precise, and accurate message as to what the Empower Network embodies as a whole, while entertaining you with an Insider’s Truthful point of view about why so many individuals are really enjoying life changing success and results.

Now a days there are many people who claim to be a Guru, Expert, or Marketing Genius that can take you from marketing newbie to a six-figure earner in a few months. That is simply false advertising and does nothing but hurt the Online and Offline marketing industry as a whole.

Truth LiesMany of these “Guru’s” really want to you to spend thousands of dollars to buy into their system so that they get richer regardless of your immediate success. They only teach you the bare minimums so you will have to buy into their next system to learn the rest (an on-going, never-ending, repeating cycle with no end in sight).

For this very reason, David Wood created the world’s first ever Empower Network Blogging System to help defeat these so called Guru’s.

David Wood Empower Network – The Guru Slayer

David had a vision in mind when they created their Empower Network system so that it was easy enough for someone to use that barely knows how to use a computer to an online marketing seasoned veteran could join and succeed. All while making it affordable enough for anyone to join, giving this a universal and mass appeal unlike traditional, convention opportunities and products.

They wanted to “stick it” to the guru’s by offering HIGH-QUALITY, consistent training with weekly webinars and member support teams which is up to date and relevant towards successful methods and techniques. They knew the more value, tools, and trainings they provided each member, the better their chances of success were with the Empower Network Blogging & Marketing System.

empower networker

How Is Empower Network Different?

Normally, this is where most online industry leaders would stop… and that is where David Wood is setting a new trend, a new standard from the top down. They not only give you consistent coaching and top notch tools to work with, but they help you become a better and more complete marketer, giving members the opportunity to make a living while using their automated, results-oriented and proven marketing system.


Most companies in the internet/affiliate/network marketing arena only pay out 25% to 50% commissions to their affiliates for bringing in new members, but again Empower Network is out to break the mold and be a differentiator when it comes to how they treat and pay their leaders! They are offering the closest thing you will ever see to 70% Commissions for the first time ever!

Wood not only wanted members to be able to use the system for free (by making enough money to cover membership) but to be able to supplement or even REPLACE their monthly income outside of Empower Network.

While Empower Network launched last October 31, 2011, their numbers are self-evident (despite numerous ups and downs) in their first 10 months as they have enrolled and bloomed to over 40,000 members strong cycling over 12,000,000 dollars in their pay plan and structure.

How Much To Join Empower Network?

Most related online companies and digital product-oriented opportunities that offer the likeness of internet marketing training, coaching, and tools usually have extreme entry costs and price points. Empower Network again changes the pace as most would normally charge an outrageous membership fee to be able to join, but that is not what the Empower Network funnel is all about.

They have made it their number one priority to help each Empower Network Member grow as a person, a brand, and as a business. They strive to teach each and every member to succeed and know how it feels to be able to make money online and provide their leads with a valuable product they can be confident in promoting and using for their own benefit.

empower network blog systemFor this reason, David set the fee to join Empower Network community at only $25 per month (what a steal!!). For this kind of price, it is hard to argue with all the tools, training, and leadership that you will get on a daily and monthly basis.

While you might be thinking, yes that all sounds good but where is the “catch” or hidden fees. There isn’t any! For $25 a month, you get access to a very powerful blogging system, weekly training, and so much more.

Empower Network Marketing system allows users to join the powerful blogging system for just $25 per month or they can choose to add on other Empower Network Products or upgrades that will help you grow as a marketer and a business.

The Empower Network Products – Meat & Potatoes

When it comes to joining Empower Network there are a few options that you have. You must first buy in at the $25 per month membership which gives you access to the incredibly powerful blogging system, lead capture pages, training, and tools necessary to to make money in the industry.

But you also have the option to add on more products or upgrades that will give you, as an empower network member, the rights to sell to your leads. Some of these options are a monthly fee and some are a one time price. You have no obligation to buy into these other products, but there are definitely some benefits to Going All In With Empower Network!

Here is a better explanation of what you will be getting with the full Empower Network Product Suite. By reading about all of the empower network products you will learn how you can make up to $3,587 per affiliate you sign up and then $87 per month reoccurring from each affiliate.

The Empower Network Viral Blogging System


This is the first of four products in the suite (soon to be five), and this is the flagship system that only costs $25 per month. This blogging system includes everything you need to run a blog but without any of the frustrations. Forget about learning how to set it up or pay for hosting or the domain.

Not only are you getting a blog that is setup but it has a beautiful layout with built in lead capture optin boxes and links to high converting sales videos from the creator David Wood.

Inside the blog you will find easy to use tools that will help you use best practice strategies when it comes to search engine optimization so that your posts have the ability to be seen higher in search engine results.

Along with the blog you will have access to several different lead capture (squeeze) pages that you can share with with your contacts. All of these Empower Network capture pages are some of the best in the industry. Beautiful layouts, stunning images, and high converting text means that people reading your blogs and visiting your lead capture pages will want to join in to find out more.

And Empower Network has integrated an automated email follow-up system. So it will go ahead and send the lead emails on a regular basis to try and get them to sign up as an affiliate.

And if you have a lead sign up through your capture page, sales page, or even an email you get the commission. And by the way, did we mention up to 70% commission!

While this system does cost you $25 per month, you get re-sale rights. This means that you can turn around and resell the system to your leads or affiliates and earn $17 per month on each sign-up!

The Inner Circle Mastermind


The Inner Circle costs $100 per month but it is an optional buy-in as a member of Empower Network. But it is one that can create a lot of wealth for you down the road. Mentally and financially. Just like the Empower Network Viral Blogging System, with the Inner Circle you have full re-sell rights meaning you can refer or sell this to your leads and affiliates to earn a $70 per month commission on each sign-up.

Inside the Inner Circle, David Wood interviews some of the top online and offline marketing business men and women that have been successful in this field and want to share their knowledge and insider secrets to everyone. Wood truly believe this is some of the best audio interviews they have ever heard, and the feedback from buyers proves just how powerful these lessons are to affiliates.

Empower Network Inner Circle

Inside the Empower Network Inner Circle you will find audio lessons on everything from marketing strategies to how to promote your business. You will only find high quality lessons inside here. No Fluff, No BS!

Each of these videos runs 40 to 60 minutes in length. And you do not have to worry about running out of fresh content or the information being out of date. There is 3 new audio trainings added each week! Each of the audio training lessons is available as a download so you can take them with you to listen to anywhere.

Top Producer Formula


Top Producer Formula is a one-time fee of $500 and is an optional buy as well. An option that I strongly urge you to buy. Not only will you be able to earn $350 per re-sale, but you will be getting some truly awesome and inspiring training from David Wood. This is an 11 hour high definition video training series filmed from a private retreat in the Costa Rica mountains.

This wasn’t a video series that was created after Empower Network success. This is before David Wood was successful with this company. He actually teaches his advanced marketing tactics on how he has built massive down-lines in 3 different network marketing companies! Wood used these same marketing strategies to build Empower Network into what it is today. A POWERFUL viral marketing and product sales website!

And just like the Viral Blogging System and the Inner Circle you will receive full resale rights so that you can refer your followers or leads to also buy the Top Producer Formula. With each resale, you will earn $350.

Team Building Formula


The Empower Network Team Building Formula is the last product (for now) of the product suite and is another optional buy in that is a one-time fee of $1000. With the Team Building Formula you will receive 6 video lessons and an extra 3 bonus video lessons. This is where David Wood goes all in and give you access to everything you need to truly build a business.

Empower Network Marketing

Inside you will learn their advanced marketing strategies on how to build a social media strategy so that your followers are constantly sharing your ideas and blog posts. They also share how they have been able to get millions of views to their websites and squeeze pages by using simple syndication strategies. Dave teachs their personal SEO and Link building strategies that have landed them at the top of search engines for high competition keywords.

And as a bonus, Empower Network has included an advanced PPC (Pay-Per-Click) formula to gain you thousands of leads and views! And no business building program would be complete without learning how to write copy that converts. Learn everything from the basics to the winning strategy on copywriting.

Just like the other Empower Network Products, once you buy into the Team Building Formula it is yours to re-sell to other leads and affiliates. Each time one if your leads buys this program you will earn $700 per sale!

Should You Go All In With Empower Network?


The simple answer is YES! Once you join Empower Network, you immediately have the ability to start earning commissions from leads. But there is a chance that you could get skipped on a commission by not going ALL IN.

If you only join Empower Network at the $25 per month level and then you sign up an affiliate that joins both the Viral Blogging System and the Inner Circle that persons Inner Circle cost of $100 will be passed up (skipping you) to the first member above you that is qualified at the Inner Circle level.

Empower Network Training & Tools

As you have just read inside of the Empower Network Product Suite, David is all about keeping the tools, training, and coaching fresh and up to date. They want to make sure each member gets REAL value out of the program. That is why even at the basic level empower network members are provided with beautiful lead capture and sales pages that are always being tweaked and edited to make the conversion rates even higher.

David Wood prides himself on making sure his training and coaching is top notch. He believes that cutting edge training can keep the members motivated and always progressing. That is why David Wood holds weekly webinars and sales calls to give members the most up to date information and training so that they can be using these strategies to grow their own business.

Another way to keep members motivated and hungry for more, is by providing Empower Network Live Events such as Atlanta in June of 2012 and the upcoming “Fight The Forces of Evil” Event in San Diego in September 2012.

Empower Network Capture & Sales Pages

As of right now, each member of Empower Network is giving 5 high converting and motivating squeeze pages (lead capture) that they can show to their affiliates and leads. Each of these sales pages is tied to the members personal empower network ID. That way they always get credit for the new member joining.

Once these leads optin to your lead capture page, they be automatically added to your integrated email follow-up system. This is especially important if this lead has only joined as an unpaid member or if they have just opted in. They will regularly get emails from Empower Network telling them to stop being a Wussy and join!

Weekly Webinars & Sales Calls

Every Monday night at 9pm (6pm PST) Dave holds “The Empower Hour.” It is not enough that Dave has provided training and a viral blogging system so that you have the potential to succeed, but they want every member to get on the webinars each week so that you will learn of any updates within Empower Network and the most updated traffic and conversion skills.

These are essential to the motivation and training of each and every member. That way everyone is using the latest and cutting edge marketing strategies. But they understand that not everyone can be on a LIVE webinar or call each time, so they provide the audio and video from the webinars online so that you can watch them at any time!

Empower Network Live Events

One of the best ways to build motivation and enthusiasm about Empower Network is by holding LIVE Events around the country (and sometimes outside the United States). Back in June of 2012, Empower Network kicked off their live events with “Don’t Be A Wussy” in Atlanta, GA were more than 1,000 members attended.

The 2nd event in August of 2012, “Costa Rica Masters Retreat” was held at the beautiful Hilton Papagayo’s Resort in Costa Rica. Over 100 members of Empower Network spent $5000 per ticket to attend this master retreat. Some of the top affiliates in Empower Network attended this event. Not only did they get together to learn and share with one another, but they got to be apart of a new Empower Network Product that was filmed LIVE in Costa Rica.

The 3rd and upcoming event, “Fight The Forces Of Evil” will be held in San Diego, CA on Sept 21-24th. David Wood believes there will be 3-5 times more members and potential members attending this event. Will You Be There?

These events are great in that they build motivation, but they also allow members to connect with one another. And if you have any leads that are skeptical about joining Empower Network, they will get to see this powerful and inspiring company that creates wealth and knowledge.

Can Anyone Succeed With Empower Network?


The short answer is YES!. Empower network marketing system is setup so that each and every member has the ability to become highly successful. If you have been following along and reading this website, then you know the kind of value that you will receive as a member.

David Wood has setup Empower Network be a viral marketing machine. They provide members with the necessary tools and training to make a successful living online. They encourage you to take action, have the right attitude, reach your potential, and finally get results!

The Success Cycle

There are a few basic steps that the leaders teach to all members. Log-in and Blog daily! Most people who read that statement will not understand the full value of why it is so important to blog daily on Empower Network. The real beauty in this system, is you actually get to have your username part of the Empower Network website address. Someone that might not understand what that actually means, might mistake that for something of unimportance.

And you would be flat out wrong. According to Alexa (powerful statistic website) EmpowerNetwork.com is one of the top 200 most visited domains in the United States and in the top 575 websites visited globally!

This means that the posts you make on your blog have the ability to sky rocket to the top of search engines because the main domain has such high credibility. And to further this point… The higher your search rankings for a particular keyword, the more potential visitors it could be bringing to your Empower Network Blog.

So Blog Daily and you will start to see more and more people visiting and opting into your lead capture and sales pages.

4 Steps To Success With Empower Network

Here you will find four tips to help you succeed inside Empower Network System.


Blog Daily! We simply cannot stress this enough. When you sign up to be a new member, challenge yourself to post at least 1 new and unique blog post per day. They can be all about the same topic or a verity of topics. Just login and blog each and every day. Pick one subject and write about it each day. It can be about your experience with Empower Network, family, vacations, or whatever you would like to talk about.

Just blog everyday for the next six months, striving to write higher quality content than the day before. Talk about your passions, your business, or what drives you crazy.

This will help you gain exposure to new visitors that see your blog post when using a particular search query. These new visitors will keep coming back if you keep writing quality content. Quality content will keep these visitors interested in your blog and some will even optin to your lead capture pages. Which in turn will bring you more commissions.


Market Daily! Always be on the lookout for new and exciting ways to market your Empower Network business. You should always be looking to re-invest at least 20% of your profits back into your business in order to create more business.

Whether you are spending money on paid advertising or blog syndication strategies you should always take note of how well these do in return. If you have tried a particular method 2-3 times without making at least your initial investment back, stop doing it. Try out a new strategy.

Many good marketers try to do ad-swaps, PPC, solo ads, and press releases to bring in new leads to their business. Try and few of these marketing strategies and then test the results of each method and see what works best for you.

If you become part of the Top Producer Formula, and Team Building Formula you will learn which strategies are best to use and when is the best time to use them.


Tune Into “The Empower Hour” Every Week & listen to the Daily Audio! On the Empower Hour you will learn the latest methods and tricks to build your business and boost your online presence. Find a way to listen to the audio training each and every day while you are cleaning house, cooking, or working out. These audio training lessons are recorded by some of the industry’s top marketing professionals.

On these Empower Hour calls, all of the new Empower Network products and upgrades will be introduced to members LIVE in real time. Being able to know live, instead of hours or days later may be able to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If a member underneath you is on the call and upgrades before you do, his commission that you should have received will be passed up to the next available member.


Follow Up With Leads! This is another vital step in the success of your Empower Network business. Each and every time you get a new lead or new signup (paid or unpaid) take a moment to write an email.

With a new lead, this will give them the feeling that they are actually communicating with a real person, and not some automated machine. And with a new unpaid signup, you should be telling them exactly why they should be joining Empower Network or they potentially could be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

When you have a new paid member signup with Empower Network you should always congratulate them on joining and let them know what their first steps should be inside. Helping a new member get started and on the right path will not only benefit them and keep them interested in Empower Network, but it gives you the ability to earn more money!

Why Join Empower Network?

If you have been reading this whole Empower Network blog post, then you know why you should be joining. Empower Network is an amazing opportunity that can be life changing!

David Wood has setup this system to be a phenom in the marketing industry. Even though Empower Network has only been around since the beginning of November 2011, it has brought in over 40,000 active members and paid out over 12 million dollars in commissions to affiliates.

People like Lawrence Tam decided to go ALL IN back in November and he was recently presented with a check for $204,122. But the great thing about this opportunity, is that every single person has the opportunity and training put in front of you with Empower Network to do the same as Tam.

How To Join Empower Network!

Just like the title of the Atlanta, GA event, you have to stop being a wussy, and GO ALL IN! Do not sit around and watch the Opportunity of a Lifetime pass you by or one day you will be sitting around and regret the decision of not joining Empower Network!

Joining Empower Network and getting started today is very easy! You can be signing up and blogging in less than 20 minutes! There is no better time than now, and it all starts with a decision – Your decision!

Click the link below to Join Empower Network

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There Is No Reason You Can’t Make A Life Change TODAY!



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